‘Moving here has saved my life!  I feel safe, I love the neighbours and it’s close to town. It’s clean and friendly and we are well looked after by Lloyd and the Trust.   I’ve got no complaints, it’s a happy environment. This is my family now – I don’t want to move again!’ Donna

‘I enjoy helping and being helped – I can help my older neighbours feel more secure. It’s good to have more space too, I was living in one of those cabins before, and I am  a big man. It was too small!’ – Steve

‘It is safe and the neighbours are good. We are all good friends and look out for each other and work in together.’ – Willy

‘It is a beautiful home and affordable.  I love living here!’ Helga

‘I’m 85 & grew up in Taranaki. I’ve done farmwork, driving heavy machinery, security officer, sold cars – all sorts. It’s peaceful and quiet here, and I don’t have to worry about anything. It feels secure, it’s a huge relief.’ Don

‘It’s the only place I have lived apart from with my family.  All of us tenants get on, there’s a good sense of community.’ – Niki

‘The community, security and affordability here are all equally important to me. It’s the only place I’ve ever lived for any length of time, just camps before this.’ Peggy

‘It is affordable and handy for everything.’ – Wiremu

I can live as I want and have contact and join in with my neighbours as I want. It’s peaceful and quiet.’ – Bill

‘I feel really safe here. It is close-knit with a strong sense of community. And it’s cheaper than where I was! The units and grounds are well taken care of.’ – Amber

‘I heard about it by chance, by word of mouth – I feel privileged to have found it.  It’s an ideal location, close to everything – I have difficulty walking far. Got my own space, nobody in my face, but people around. I moved here from a shed tacked onto the side of a garage- so this is a big improvement!’ – Damien

‘The Rangimarie Trust has been amazing … we really want to thank them’. – Erena D